The Elizabeth Foundation

We had been struggling for some months to find the correct way forward for our “video project” to record classroom activity for creating learning material for families with young deaf children. Then we were introduced to Chris and Richard at Sound Advice AV, who helped us arrange a planning meeting with a key supplier and guided us through designing a practical, efficient and value-for-money installation plan. They made sure that they understood what we were trying to achieve, and then after thorough discussion we were jointly able to identify and agree the equipment that would be needed and how this would be used. It was vital that we developed the ability to talk about the project in layman’s terms, as we had to approach a range of charity funders to ask for donations so that the work could go ahead – Chris and Richard helped us with that too, so that we had confidence in our own understanding about the plan. It was really reassuring to have them involved at all stages, and when the time came for actual installation we felt that we were in safe hands. They were very good at working “around” our busy schedule, getting on with the job discretely and efficiently and making sure that we knew what was going on.

Throughout the installation, we have learnt a lot from them about the technology that is available for digital recording (audio and visual), and when the time comes to extend or adapt the project in future their existing knowledge and quality of workmanship will be vital to us.